PTCA Catheters

Kathy NC

Kathy NC, a Post Dilatation Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter, is used to open narrowed arteries. A balloon, which sits at the tip of a flexible catheter, is inflated at high pressure, inside the narrowed artery wall. This pushes the arterial plaque against the blood vessel and decisively improves blood flow to the heart muscle.

Kathy SC

The Kathy SC Pre Dilatation Catheter is a minimally invasive procedure to open blocked coronary arteries so blood can circulate freely to the heart muscle.

Kathy DC

The Kathy DC Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter is intended for use during angiographic procedures. It is used to inject contrast material and use fluoroscopy to identify blockages/lesions in the coronary vessels on both the left and right sides of the heart.


TricValve® - Transcatheter Bicaval Valves System is a system of two self-expanding biological valves for the treatment of patients with hemodynamically relevant tricuspid insufficiency and caval reflux.

Vienna Aortic

The Vienna Aortic Valve SE – Self-expandable Transcatheter Valve System is designed to treat severe aortic stenosis in patients at medium to high risk for open heart surgery.

Stent Systems

The EFIL+ Sirolimus Eluting Stent System is a combination product comprised of two regulated components.

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